At Parker Madison, we focus, imagine, and engineer brands to perform better and accommodate more traffic. Whether you're crossing a chasm or simply preparing for future growth, we can help.
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    At Parker Madison, we build brands (bridges) that connect companies with customers.


    We’re a group of artists, idealists, alchemists and engineers doggedly focused on one thing: making good brands great. Through our process of brand exploration, expression and exposure, we deconstruct, reinterpret and reengineer brands into strategic assets for companies and organizations. We take things apart and put them back together using novel approaches to create unexpected connections. We approach each project with a genuine curiosity and a tenacious drive to uncover what is truly unique and special.


    We turn ideas into reality and we make the intangible tangible.


    Parker Madison is a brand (re)engineering company meaning that most of our clients are well established businesses that need to adjust how their brand is perceived. We develop brand strategies and systems engineered to help them maximize profits and minimize costs. We do this through our Audible process, refined over the past 20 years, and used to help hundreds of companies rethink their brand image and the way it is conveyed. We use our Dialog Marketing approach to develop brands and strategies that bridge the gap between our clients and their customers. We’re fun, energetic and we love what we do. If you see marketing as a necessary evil, we’re not your agency. If you see it as an exciting way to engage more people, let’s talk.



    You don't really know someone until you've had recess with them. “Dress for Recess” is about being yourself. The two most important aspects of branding are differentiation from everyone else and likability. The problem is that most companies are simply putting on airs–trying to look like everyone else's version of success. Trying to meet the outside world's expectations rather than their own.


    What's the solution? Call an Audible. An Audible is Parker Madison's process for breaking down what's working and not working about a company's brand communications. Some call it a workshop, discovery session or a retreat but the result is far different: an unbiased analysis and recommendation of an organization's best options for leveraging current brand equity, enhancing brand messaging and visual communication and differentiating from the competition.


    What do you want your company to look and feel like two years from now? Is it on track or do you need to call an Audible?


    "I believe the difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference is the difference between living fully and just existing. The difference is the difference between living intentionally and living by accident." Michael Gerber, The E-Myth Revisited


    Brands are the same. Are you actively directing the way your brand is engineered and perceived? Is your brand actively engaging new customers and connecting with them everyday?



    Character and Personality

    People do business with people they know, like or trust. Your marketing material should exude personality. Viewers should be able to identify your marketing simply by recognizing the look and feel. Determining what that personality is and how the look and feel should convey is the real art behind successful branding.


    Appeal to emotion

    Your target market is made up of real people who make brand choices based on emotions that are rooted deep in their psyches. These people want you to believe that they make very rational decisions based on logical principles, but research shows that most people let their emotions guide purchasing behavior more than 85% of the time. The key to appealing to emotions is rooted (just used “rooted”) in understanding. Smart marketers learn which emotions their target audience associates with their product or service then apply a healthy dose of empathy to the communication process.


    Appeal to logic

    Facts, figures, features and benefits have their place in marketing communications, but it’s not the first thing to get across. Logic should be used to close the deal, not open the door.



    Look at all the marketing out there. Tons of it, right? How much is engaging to you? How much is just pollution? Pollution marketing is one-way communication about something somebody wants to sell you. Dialog marketing engages you by conveying valuable information that is relevant specifically to you. And it offers ways for you to respond to or engage with the message. This may be through social media sites, blogs, microsites, online games or an event.


    Communication is a two-way street

    Unfortunately, too many companies see communication (especially marketing) as a one-way proposition. Brands are developed, strategies are planned and tactics are created all in the interest of one thing: bombarding the target with information and propaganda that they probably didn’t ask for.


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